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Hear what previous clients had to say about us


Kevin and Sam are pretty much the best in the business. I've loved working with Kevin folk in the past and I strongly look forward to working with Sam in the future! Great environment, very commfortable and laid back while still keeping to a standard of professionalism not often found in smaller studios. I will be strongly recommending Screaming Parrot studios to other artists in the future!

Sam Rocca (Nothing Vital)


When I think of Screaming Parrot Studios, I often say they cover the three C's any artists or client should look for in a recording engineer: Competence, Compatibility, and Creativity.
Competence in the fact that they do more than talk, the proof of their skill can be heard sonically through any mix and/or recording.
Compatibility in the sense that they don't try to manipulate your sound to their vision in disregard to yours. They familiarize themselves with the artist and work to make the client's dream a physical reality.
Finally, I think of their creativity. The advantage of having an engineer who comes from a production background truly makes the difference in their approach to the recording/mixing/mastering process. Screaming Parrot Studios covers them all very well!

David Cooper (David Cooper Music)


Sam has treated my band LOST PAGES amazingly.
This studio knows their sound. They put their time and energy into every or band or solo artists.
Can't wait to record more in the future.
I highly recommend Screaming Parrot Studios
Best in the industry!

Ricky Lyons (Lost Pages)

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