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Music Production Services

Recording, Mixing, Engineering, and More for Music

Screaming Parrot Studios offers all the Recording Studio services you need for music — from recording, mixing, reamping, and mastering. Contact us to reserve time in our studio and see how our professional audio engineers can bring your audio quality to be industry standard.



Our three professional, acoustically tuned rooms are able to handle any type of recording that you bring to us. Backed up by industry standard equipment and operated by talented engineers is the perfect combination to have all recordings come out crystal clear every time.


Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Book your Editing/Mixing session at Screaming Parrot Studios and work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound. Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of.



We take pride in our mastering process. With carefully listen to make sure that the music is sonically even and sounds huge unlike computer generated algorithms like LANDR! Reserve your next Mastering session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment. Don’t wait too long, our calendar fills up fast.

Reamping and Replacement

If your music needs that certain sound or has a poorly recorded track, reamping a guitar or replacing drum tones might be necessary. We can do that and do it well to make something that doesn't sound right, sound better than expected.

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